Goodyear Wrangler At/sa

The Wrangler AT/SA Delivers First Class On-Road Ride Comfort, Wet Grip and Stability, while providing Added Sidewall Puncture Resistance and Strength for when you Venture Off the Bitumen.


  • 5 Rib Tread Design
  • Advanced carbon based tread compound
  • SilentArmor Technology with DuPontTM KEVLAR®
  • Durawall™ Technology
  • Rigid shoulder blocks


  • Enhanced on-road handling & stability in wet & dry conditions, as well as a more comfortable and quiet ride
  • Enhanced silica blend rubber formula significantly extends tread life
  • Delivers outstanding strength for added toughness and absorbs road noise for a smoother, quieter ride
  • Helps resist punctures & cuts in the sidewall
  • Improves on road traction and handling


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